AutoTrader Valuations

June 2014 - December 2014 AutoTrader Valuations

As a UX Developer at AutoTrader, the first project I had the opportunity to work on from start to finish, was the new AutoTrader Car Valuations tool. This project was the platform that allowed me to make a mark on AutoTrader's front-end code. The pages are built using an array of front-end technologies, some of which are: HTML5, Sass & Compass, JQuery, Backbone.JS, Underscore.JS and the Grunt task-runner.

Yoki Sounds Like...

March 2014 - April 2014 Yoki Sounds Like

Yoki is a Manchester-based Music Producer. I was commissioned to design and build this website to celebrate the release of his debut EP, Runaway. The website was built using HTML5, the LESS CSS pre-processor and it was built on the Bootstrap framework. The site was designed to have a clean, modern appearance and be fully resposnive from desktop, down to mobile. The website acts as a 'digital flyer' for the album and the release event.

Eleventh Heaven

February 2014 - March 2014 Yoki Sounds Like

Eleventh Heaven craft intricate and unique jewellery using the finest Swarovski crystals. I was commissioned to design and create this website as a catalogue of their finest pieces. This was the first site I built using the LESS CSS pre-processor, it was also the first site I built to be fully responsive from desktop to mobile.